Panther Playhouse for Students

Welcome to the Panther Playhouse! We are so happy that you are considering being part of Kirkland Middle School's student theatre group. No performance experience is necessary! We will all be learning together and strive to make this a fantastic experience for everyone. Below we share audition tips, actor information, contemporary monologues, Shakespeare monologues, and writing our own. We also very much welcome those who want to work behind the scenes, too. There are also photos of previous productions so you can see what students have created in years past.

Tips For Auditions

The audition process is a fun experience. We will introduce ourselves, talk about the show, perform monologues and perhaps play a theatre game. Below are some tips for a successful audition and some links for places that have monologues online. For our fall show we have a monologue practice session (not required) the week before auditions where you can work on your performance and even pick out a monologue, if you do not have one already.
  • Selecting Your Monologue:
    • Always keep your monologue at or under the time limit.
      (Under 120 seconds for Panther Playhouse.)
    • Make certain it is school appropriate.
    • Avoid using a character from the show you are auditioning for.
    • Do not use a monologue from Alice In Wonderland, The Grinch or Wizard of Oz.
      (They are over-used.)
  • Creating An Engaging Monologue:
    • Memorize the monologue completely so you can be confident.
    • Make certain you are expressive, loud and move around.
    • Determine what your character wants and find new ways to get it.
    • Find a spot out in the audience/director area that you are speaking to.
  • Performance Tips:
    • You should expect a chair and nothing else when auditioning.
    • Before starting, introduce yourself and the monologue you will do.
    • Let the director see you change into that character.
    • Do not use props in an audition - the director is there to see you act.
    • Do not worry if you forget a line. Keep going - no one will know but you.
      • If you get stuck, pause (in character) and start again.
    • Do not worry if director stops you or asks you to try something.
      • That only means they have confidence in you to try it.
    • If asked to sing - do not be timid. Put your voice out there!
      • Confidence and energy can often trump a lousy voice.
  • After Your Monologue:
    • At the end of your monologue, always say "thank you".
    • Return anything you used in your monologue.
    • Be a great audience member and support your fellow actors.
  • Relax, smile, be confident in yourself and have fun!


Actor Information


Locating Your Monologue

Shakespeare Monologue


How To Write A Monologue