Panther Playhouse for Parents

Thank you so much for considering having your student take part in a Panther Playhouse production. On this page we have listed the parent responsibilities. While this might feel overwhelming at first - do not be concerned. We will be there to guide you through the process. You can read this page to get my take on what this program is all about and ask any questions.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Turn in completed participation form for student on time.
  • Attend the parent meeting one week prior to auditions.
  • Make any required payments.
    We will never turn away a student for financial reasons.
    Please contact producer or director for scholarship information.
  • Report all potential student rehearsal conflicts.
    We can work around conflicts, but note that significant conflicts can impact casting decisions.
  • Set realistic casting expectations for actors and themselves.
    Every role will get an opportunity to shine.
  • Pick up your student from rehearsal on time and verify their student signed out on sign-in sheet.
    Contact your student or adult at rehearsal if you will be late due to traffic or other reasons.
  • Actors must attend every "required" rehearsal.
  • Actors and crew must take part in every performance.
  • Parent must chaperone two rehearsals for each student involved.
  • All parent chaperones must be a LWSD approved volunteer.
  • Parent must participate in one parent committee for each student involved.
    There are options that can accommodate various working schedules.
  • We highly recommend all families of Panther Playhouse students be a KiMS PTSA Member.
    If you need financial assistance to become a member please contact PTSA Membership.
    All parents working on tickets or concessions must be a KiMS PTSA Member.
  • Committee leads should communicate regularly with parent producer.
  • Fall Musical
    Parents may be needed to shuttle students to LWHS after school to rehearsals during the final week.
    At closing, parents required to assist with striking set, cleaning and shuttle students to KiMS for cast party.
  • Spring Shakespeare
    At closing, parents assist put away chairs, clean space and striking set.