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PantherGram Newsletter Information

PantherGram is Kirkland Middle School's electronic newsletter that is published twice a month. It contains a list of upcoming events and dates, news from the school, classroom updates, updates on sports and clubs and news about PTSA programs and events. Occasionally we also send out single-topic specific "Postcards" for a piece of news that cannot wait for the newsletter. We highly recommend that every current or future parent of a KiMS student sign up to receive this newsletter since it is the primary published communication point between the school and the KiMS community.


PantherGram Submissions

We welcome article submissions from teachers, parents and students for the PantherGram. If you are considering submitting an article, please read through these general rules:

  • There is a link above to the schedule of when PantherGram articles are due.
  • Articles are not accepted after the due date, so please do not be late.
  • Articles for an event will be added to a PantherGram published within 30 days of the event.
  • Please have the text that will show in the PantherGram prepared and under 75 words.
  • Event information you should submit: Date, time, duration, location, who is invited, cost (if any), individual to contact and their contact information. Images in the PantherGram are 100 or 125 pixels wide.
  • If you have a larger article or full size pictures as well, we will add that as an article on this website with a link to it from the PantherGram article.
  • If you are an outside vendor (not a teacher, parent or student) that has information you wish to give to the KiMS community, you may use the LWSD PeachJar system.