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Your donations allowed the PTSA to $hower the students with great things in April:

  • The backpack working group met with Dr. Pierce and her staff to discuss our concerns around the weight of the backpacks. See our presentation here.

  • We hosted a screening of the film "Screenagers" at LWHS where more than 300 parents and kids learned how to control their screen habits and talk about it as a family. 

  • We held a parent coffee with Richard Snyder in the library and learned about all of the clubs and activities he's created for the kids. 

  • We held auditions and started rehearsal for the PTSA sponsored spring play performance of "As You Like It."

  • We sponsored a competition between A and B lunches during Earth Day to see who could compost more.

  • We bought composting bags for Staff Room

  • We paid for medals for wrestling championship meet

  • We bought supplies for poetry month displays

  • We paid for cooking supplies and sensory items for special needs classes

  • We bought instructional material for Social Studies classes

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