The Kirkland Middle School PTSA would like to formally invite the parents of incoming 6th graders to “WalkAbout” at our school.  This is a great opportunity to get familiar with KiMS and to get a sneak peek into what being a middle schooler here is like.  WalkAbout is a volunteer program that provides a positive adult presence during our heaviest traffic times of the school day.   Your smile and guidance help kids feel safe, and discourages inappropriate behavior.  There are three short shifts: before school, A lunch & B lunch.  Sign up for as many as you like.  You can even grab a friend and work together!

Please make sure you are a LWSD approved volunteer, which is a quick process if you haven’t done it already.  There is a 5 minute training presentation  and an online sign-up on our PTSA Walkabout page.  

If you have any questions please contact us at:

KiMS PTSA VP of Programs