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Our vision is for every child’s potential to become a reality.

Our mission is to enhance the education of all students during their middle school years by providing activities and academic support for the Kirkland Middle School community, family involvement, and student and family learning opportunities.

Our goals are: 

  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will work to facilitate effective communication between home and school.
  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will support programs that encourage student and family connections to Kirkland Middle School, foster school spirit, improve learning and promote wellness.
  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will create and manage an effective fundraising program that aligns with our mission. The PTSA will use contributions in an appropriate and responsible way.
  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will work to support staff in their classrooms and throughout the school.
  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will encourage meaningful family involvement by providing volunteer, informative meeting, and family education opportunities.
  • The Kirkland Middle PTSA will work to strengthen partnerships with our elementary schools. The PTSA will work to support positive and informed transitions from elementary school into Kirkland Middle School. 


At Kirkland Middle School, the PTSA plays much the same role as it does in elementary school: It is the No. 1 family and community support organization for your student's education, putting classroom resources in the hands of teachers, providing communication about the school and school events to families, and coordinating volunteers and events.

The Kirkland Middle School Parent, Teacher & Student Association is an affiliate of the Washington State PTA and the National PTA organizations. 

KMSPTSA is a separate, 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission it is to advocate for students and their education. Our mission is to raise money and volunteers for Kirkland Middle School in order to pay for critical classroom tools and other things that the school's budget doesn't cover. Your donations are tax deductible, and are a worthy investment in your student's education! 

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