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As a new parent in the community, we know you have many questions. We've been in your shoes! In an effort to make things easier, we have created a 'go-to' resource with information that will help those first few months at the school easier. We encourage you to refer back to this page to address questions that may come up as you get ready for the start of the new school year. Should you have additional questions, please reach out via email at


 New Family Tool Kit - View or Download


PTSA vs ASB - what is the difference?

Some of the questions we receive most often have to do with membership (e.g. are ASB and PTSA the same thing?). Both memberships directly benefit students. Through your PTSA membership, you support programs linked to academics and curriculum-relevant materials. ASB membership supports athletics, student transportation to sporting events at another school, as well as initiatives that benefit the school's music department.

Who Can Join?

Any living person can join! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even students!

KiMS PTSA is an adult-led organization that works to enrich the education of all students at Kirkland Middle School. Each school's PTA/PTSA is separate and unique.

Who Can Join?

Only students can join the Associated Student Body at Kirkland Middle School. It is a student-led organization that promotes leadership and engagement in school. 

Why Join?

- Access to exclusive content such as the school directory.

- Discounts and benefits from Washington State PTA and National PTA.

- To have a voice and advocate for issues that impact education at KiMS and across Washington.

Why Join?

- The ASB represents the entire KiMS Student Body. THe role of the ASB is to give back and raise student involvement. It also sponsors activities, clubs and athletics.

- ASB membership is required to participate in athletics & clubs. Scholarships are available -- contact your KiMS counselor.

How to Join PTSA?

- $15 for an individual or $25 for a two-person "family membership."

- membership cards are virtual and will be emailed to the address supplied on the membership form.

- Join online on our website!

How to Join ASB?

- $25 fee which can be paid in the school office or via

- A special mark is added to student id cards to indicate ASB membership. If student id is lost, there is a $5 replacement fee.


Stay Connected!

The easiest way to stay on top of news, information, activities, and opportunities for your child is to follow the various communications available through the school and the District. Here is a list for consideration:

               PANTHERGRAM       DISTRICT NEWSLETTER         SOCIAL MEDIA               PEACHJAR

PTSA Newsletter        Connections News             KiMS FACEBOOK           Community Flyers  


Directory Information
Calendars and Dates
  • Every LWSD school has it's own Online Calendar to share school-specific events and activities in an online format.
  • Or you can see all events on the Lake Washington School District Calendar. LWSD online calendars can be filtered and customized to show only the events that are relevant for your family. 
Back-to-School Forms

 The start of the school year brings along with it a great influx of information and many forms to fill out. To make things easier, we have collected digital versions of many of the forms. The school will be open the last week of August and will be accepting many of these then.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, is a collection of the most common questions we receive as a PTSA. For a more comprehensive list, refer to the school website's FAQ page

Q: When does school start and end?

A: For the school year, morning start time will be 8:35am. Pick up on Wednesday will be 1:35pm, while pick up the rest of the weekdays is 3:05pm. Click here for more information.

Q: Does the school offer tutoring?

A: The PTSA funds PowerHour Tutoring. PowerHour takes place from 3:05 to 4:05pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. A teacher is available to support students with questions and class material they want to review.

Q: Can students use their phones while in school?

A: Students are only allowed to use their cell phone before and after school and during their lunch. Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones during class time, so please avoid calling or texting them during this time. KiMS provides a phone for students to use should a call home be necessary. 

Q: How can I find bus information?

A: Bus transportation is provided for students living more than two miles from school, or whose routes require them to walk on dangerous roadways. Postcards will be mailed in August from the Transportation Department detailing the bus stop and time. You may also find this information by clicking here.

Please check the Kirkland Middle School FAQ for a comprehensive list.


 New Family Tool Kit - View or Download

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