The Kirkland Middle School Wellness Committee is dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment that promotes general health by supporting the adoption of attitudes that contribute to positive well-being and providing information, activities and, services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.


Summary of WellFest Stations 2019


                                                                  Registration is OPEN!!!

Our PTSA Wellness Committee is excited to share that we have teamed up with Sur La Table to offer a special cooking class for our students. 

What if your child could have a fun hands-on experience while learning how to cook a healthy summer dinner for you and boosting their kitchen confidence? Designed for middle schoolers.  With mindful food choices. And they get to sample it all. Perfect, right? 


This class will conveniently be offered on Weds 5/29 from 2-3:30 for a special rate of $39/student. 


UPDATE!! 5/29 class is FULL.  Added a class for 6/5 2-3:30 (same menu as 5/29)

Register here. Hurry, this will fill up too!

We are planning more great classes/menus for the fall!

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Panther WellFest 2019

SAVE THE DATE!  Weds June 12th after school



Thank You WellFest Sponsors!!


Looking for an easy and nutrient-packed snack ? We've got you covered....


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Mr. Bond's Secret Smoothie Recipe:

The Wellness Committee is Welcoming New Members!

And it’s not just about smoothies or exercise ( but who doesn’t love a good smoothie?). We are a fun and thoughtful group of parents dedicated to promoting attitudes that contribute to positive well-being and who strive to provide information, activities, and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.

We meet every other Tuesday at 1pm.  

Check the schedule for the next meeting date and location, we’d love to have you join us!

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